Discover the art of Microgreens

Expand your palette with new flavor blends to make your next meal a masterpiece!

Why Microgreens?

Calling all foodies, artists, creatives, inspiring chefs and anyone else who believes food is so much more than its nutrients, but an art form. Microgreens are a simple yet effective way to elevate your dish, add textures, colors, and flavors to plates and bring that 5-star restaurant feeling home to friends and family. These petite Picasso’s are also an excellent way to increase your vitamin and mineral intake as these small but mighty vegetables have been shown to contain ~40x more nutrients than their fully grown versions. Urban farming has never been more sustainable and supportive of local communities as these microgreens are vertically grown indoors taking up less space than the average garden or field, are pesticide free and grown with organic seeds and soils. Growing local allows Van Grogh Farms to grow, harvest, and deliver right to your home or business within a matter of hours if not days without any compromise to freshness.

The Process…

Core Growing Values

We dedicate ourselves to an modern and personable process, from inception to completion. This entails sourcing excellent seed and soil and fostering connections with foodies, chefs, and at home cooks throughout their journey. It involves discovering new flavors, textures, menu items and potentially kid friendly veggies.

Natureʼs Palette Pledge

We promise to nurture every sprout with care, bringing a spectrum of natural colors and tastes to your table.

Harvesting Hues

Our growing techniques are inspired by art, infusing creativity into each microgreen, making your meals pop!

Chefʼs Creative Ally

We’re your partner in the kitchen, adding a dash of inspiration to elevate your culinary creations.

I was searching for a way to elevate my dishes, and these microgreens were the answer! Each variety is a burst of flavor and color that transforms my cooking into something special. Theyʼre easy to use and add so much to every meal. Whether itʼs a dinner party or a simple family meal, these greens make me feel like a true artist in the kitchen. Highly recommend for anyone looking to add that extra touch of delicious art to their food!

Your Culinary Partners